Line chart

Select a region (or a country) and see how the value evolve though the time.

Growth Distribution

For each year and each member state (or region), the growth rate has been computed and used to make the histogram on the right. If you want to see the distribution of the annual growth rate on the last 3 years or more, you can change the number of years on the input button Year above.
You can also filter the countries (or regions) that you want to show.
For aesthetic reasons some outliers have been remove from the graph but you can find them in the data table in the tabset Export.

EU Map

When values associated with region are availables the regions will be colored in a degree of blue.
Otherwise the region will be in grey.
Change the year and see how the values evolve.

Filter data

In this tabset, you can filter data and then select the columns that you want to keep for your exportation.
You select columns that you want to remove by clicking on it then then you click on the button Delete columns.
If you have made a mistake you can always go back to the iniatial data table by clicking on Reset.
Then you can export the data in csv file via the button Download data.

Download the data